Obtainable Trophies of Craft Beer

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Collecting things has been a part of human nature since the dawn of time and with every category of collecting, comes with it, the highly sought after pieces.  The rare pieces that members of that community all have heard of but few have seen and even fewer have possessed.  But, rare doesn’t always have to mean unachievable or even expensive.  Craft beer has a few collectibles that fit this bill quite nicely. These Beers are certainly are treat to get your hands on, often after spending hours in line or through the generosity of a good friend.  These beers carry with them a perfect combination of unequaled taste, unique origins, and of course, short supply.   Below are 5, (with a little effort) can be obtain, enjoyed, and bragged about.  Like so many other treasure hunts, the quest, is almost as exciting as the actual acquisition.

Westvleteren 12


Brewery: Westvleteren Brewery

Cost:  Price varies heavily but the consensus for a fair price here in the states is $15

Description: Quad,  Red-brown, clear, full creamy aroma, rich caramel and malt

Why so Rare? Westvleteren XII (“Westy 12”) is brewed by secluded Trappist Monks in Belgium inside the Abbey of Saint Sixtus, keeping the supply small.

Heady Topper


Brewery: The Alchemist Brewery

Cost: $5 – $8 per 16oz

Description:  Double IPA with hints of Citrus and has been described as “a complex web of genius”

Why so rare?  It is prepared slowly, precisely and in small batches.  Once released, it is sold out in a matter of minutes.  Its reputation being so strong, it needs absolutely 0 commercial advertising.

Pliny the Younger


Brewery: Russian River Brewing Company

Cost: $5 per 8oz

Description:  smooth Triple IPA, with TONS of Hops

Why so Rare:  due to the time, precision and cost to create, This Santa Rosa, California based brewery only brews in small batches. Once it is available lines average about 4 hours to get in with a 3 hour limit once inside.

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