5 Great Homebrew Kits for 2017

January 23, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Homebrew recipes,Product Info,Uncategorized

Last year we wrote about 5 Awesome Hombrew Kits for 2016, Those kits truly are awesome, but primarily centered around entry level, novice, and price friendly kits.  This year we’ve decided to expand those products to include some next level, game changing home kits, as well as those home brewing staples we all know and love and quite simply remain top home brewing essentials.



PicoBrew Zymatic

A Whaler when it comes to HomeBrews, This is a little more than just a Homebrew kit, this is an appliance! Bells, check, Whistles, check, absolutely nailing your recipe, double check!  This one does it all and it ought to considering the price it fetches.  Around $2,000 to be a little more clear.  But if you take your brewing very seriously and are considering some next level ideas, the $2,000 price tag is absolutely worth it.  They do offer a cheaper version around $800

PicoBrew lays claim to:

  • World’s first all-grain beer brewing appliance
  • Produces 2.5 gallons of finished beer batches
  • Recipe library of hundreds of award-winning craft beers
  • Fully automatic and brews any craft beer type in less than 4 hours
  • Collects valuable data

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Mr Beer Brew Kit Review

Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition


On the other end of the price spectrum, Mr. Beer offers an excellent homebrewing kit and has been since 1993.  It is easily one of the most popular among home brewers because of its simplicity and entry level price, coming in at about $50, Its available many places, including Amazon and you’ll get four gallons of home brewed beer. The nice thing about this kit is that if you try it and don’t like the flavor, you haven’t invested that much cash. Plus, if you have Amazon Prime you can get the kit delivered in just two days.

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Northern Brewers Deluxe Kit

This kit gets five star ratings from reviewers. Although reviews are small in number, they all seem to be legit and give the kit great feedback. Based on what Fermenter and Beer Recipe Kit you choose, the kit will cost around $199 and comes with a free copy of their Getting Started in Homebrewing DVD and an IPA recipe.  Like other kits, you will need to purchase your own beer bottles (again, you can reuse beer bottles so start a collection), kettle and ingredients.

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Coopers DIY Home Brewing 6 Gallon Craft Beer Making Kit

Everything you need is in this kit, from a large fermenter, 30 plastic bottles, instruction manual (as well as DVD), brewing sugar, initial brewing kit etc. Basically you can just purchase this product and get brewing immediately with no need for any extra purchases. Big thanks to Coopers for giving the absolute novice all they need to get brewing. Price tag on this set up is around $106.00!

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Master Brewer’s Kit 

Want to step up your game by making Kegs instead of Bottles? then Master Brewer’s Kit is the one for you.  One of the most complete homebrew equipment kit out there. It has everything (and then some) you need to master the homebrewing arts. With temperature control, extra carboys, and all the bells and whistles, there’s nothing you can’t brew – lagers, imperials, 3 batches fermenting at once! And best of all, it has everything you need to keg your homebrew. Master Brewers Kit includes everything you’ll need to keg your home brew and is seriously next level home brewing.  Price Tag on this is less that $450

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Happy brewing everyone, check out the list below for some great brewing ideas and recipes!

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