5 Awesome Home Brew Kits for 2016

July 20, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Product Info,Reviews,Tips

As winter winds down and spring kicks in, chances are your mouth is watering for some ice-cold beer. Maybe fond memories of days at the ballpark are flooding into your mind or taking foamy sips with your dad. There’s really nothing like beer to bring back good times. For those of you interested in making your own brew this year, here are some recommendations to get you started. Below, you’ll find the top five best homemade beer kits on the market.

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Midwest Supplies 2016 Review

1. Home Brew Academy and Midwest Supplies Kit

The homemade beer kit that wins hands down is the Homebrew Academy and Midwest Supplies Kit. Released just this year in February 2016, it’s perfect for first-time home brewers. The kit will cost you around $130 and includes a long list of supplies. Like most beer kits, it does include a kettle, bottle and ingredients so don’t open the box and expect to start brewing if you haven’t made these purchases. Because it’s connected to an established organization, you can visit the Home Brew Academy’s website, register for free and watch video tutorials to get you started.

More Beer! Brew System Review 2016

2. More Beer!

More Beer offers a homemade beer kit for about $110. The kit has a few of the supplies to get you started but you will also need a 5 gallon brewing kettle, glass beer bottles (you can recycle old bottles so start saving), and a beer ingredient kit for every batch. The kit comes with instructions but general feedback is that they are not very easy to follow. If you choose this kit, be sure and watch plenty of videos from other sites to get you started.

Norther Brewers Kit Review 2016

3. Northern Brewers Deluxe Starter kit

This kit gets five star ratings from reviewers. Although reviews are small in number, they all seem to be legit and give the kit great feedback. Based on what Fermenter and Beer Recipe Kit you choose, the kit will cost around $150 and comes with a free copy of their Getting Started in Homebrewing DVD. Like other kits, you will need to purchase your own beer bottles (again, you can reuse beer bottles so start a collection), kettle and ingredients.

Monster Brew Kit Review

4. New Brewers Complete Homebrew Beer Making Kit by Monster Brew

The third recommendation for a homemade beer kit is offered from Monster Brew. It costs around $150 with shipping but you’ll get five gallons of beer out of it along with the bottles to put the beer into. You’ll receive an instruction booklet as well as a variety of videos on their website to get you started.

Mr Beer Brew Kit Review

5. Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition

If you are looking for something super simple to brew your first homemade beer, then try the Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Home Brew Kit. You can buy the kit from Amazon for just $46 and you’ll get four gallons of home brewed beer. The nice thing about this kit is that if you try it and don’t like the flavor, you haven’t invested that much cash. Plus, if you have Amazon Prime you can get the kit delivered in just two days.


Happy brewing everyone, check out the list below for some great brewing ideas and recipes!

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